AppSpy : "Nostalgia-driven arcade space shooting gets underway as P.3 hits the App Store".

Snappzilla : "P.3 is a hell of a lot of fun with some really cool characters and level designs".

Pocketgamer : "Beautiful but hard as nails".


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148Apps : "Action is rapid and fast – perfect for short commutes".


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PocketGamer : "P.3 is a cool arcade style space shooter out now on iOS".

A love letter to arcade classic shmup.

P.3 is a vertical classic arcade shooter with two button controls.

Tap each side button changes direction but fires at same time.
Hold two buttons at same time, slow down ship but fires alternate weapon.

Save the Space !

P.3  Press Kit


. Simple two button control

. 5 unique stages and bosses

. Variety of weapons and power ups

. Retro classic feel screen

. Classic Arcade Shooting game

.Full gamepad, touch screen support.

Name: P.3

Developer: devjgame

Platform: iOS, PC

Price: $1.99, $2.99

Genre: Arcade shmup

Release: June, 2019


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